Frequently Asked Questions - Moodle for Students

Moodle is an open source learning environment for teacher-student collaboration, distance education, flipped classrooms, and other eLearning school projects. Moodle will help increase your understanding of the subject material and expand your horizons. Moodle will provide a place to share information, engage in online discussions, easily access course material and conveniently submit your assignments online. Furthermore, in some courses, your exams will be done online via Moodle.


1- What is Moodle’s URL?

2- How can I view my courses?

  • You can view courses by logging in and clicking “My courses” drop down menu.

3- Which password does Moodle accept?

  • Moodle accepts your AUBnet (email) password.

4- Any password advices?

  • Don't use special characters or Arabic letters in your file names or passwords. Special characters such as a blank space, * / \ ? " ' { } etc., are not allowed in file names or passwords.

5- How can I logout from Moodle site?

  • Click on your name next to your avatar and select “Log out”.

6- How can I visit my dashboard?

  • Visit your dashboard by clicking on your name and then selecting “Dashboard”.

7- How can I view my grade report?

  • Visit your grade report by clicking on your name and then selecting “Profile” then “Grades overview” under Reports section.

8- How can I edit my preferences?

  • Edit your profile by clicking on your name and then selecting “Preferences”.

9- Is Moodle available for mobile phones?

  • Yes it is available on the apple and android stores.

10- Which preferable browser to be used with Moodle?

  • Mozilla Firefox / Apple Safari / Google Chrome

11- How to reach Moodle support at AUB?


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