Adding MPS Canon Queues on macOS

The purpose of this article is to walk you through the installation/configuration process of the MPS Canon queues on macOS

For assistance with the installation, kindly visit Service Desk Portal to report an incident/service request, or to locate the nearest IT Service Desk.

macOS (macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and above)

NB: Please note that settings and appearances might differ between macOS versions.

     1. Start by downloading the printer driver by clicking here and saving it on

      your local machine. You will need to authenticate with your AUB credentials.

      2. Open the System Preferences.

      3. Click on Printers and Scanners.


      4. Press the + icon to add a new printer. (You may need to press the unlock icon,

      and enter an administrator username and password before adding a new printer).


      5. If you already have the Advanced icon in the toolbar, skip this step.

      Otherwise, right click (or control + left click) in the top of the pane (in the area where 

      IP, Windows, Default and a search bar may appear) and select Customize Toolbar.

      Then Drag and drop the Advanced icon to the toolbar and press Done. (as shown below)

        6. Click on the Advanced icon and choose  “Windows printer via spools” in

        the type field.

       7. Enter smb:// in the URL field

       and Canon-MACQueue in the name field.

       8. Press the Use drop down menu, and choose Other...


        9. Choose the driver MomUD.ppd,(that you downloaded earlier), press Open and

        then press Add to add the printer.


        Repeat steps 6 to 9 in order to add the Canon-MACBackupQueue with

        the following share and printer name:

        URL: smb://

        Name: Canon-MACBackupQueue


       N.B: if your MAC machine is not joined to AUB domain, you will be prompted for

       credentials when using MPS Canon queues . Please make sure to enter

       your username in the following format: win2k\xx00".


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