AUB Guest Solution for Visitors

Guest Users self-registration

1-  “AUBGuest” SSID is a wireless network dedicated for AUB guest visitors. Once you connect to “AUBGuest” WiFi, you will be redirected to a web portal to choose a sponsoring account (email address or name of the IT specialist assigned to your zone) and enter few personal information (email, reason…). You can read AUB policy related to this network by clicking “terms of use” hyperlink. 

2- After clicking the “Register” tab, the username (email address of the requester) with a random password will appear in a new page. The username will remain inactive until the sponsor approves the request. The sponsor will receive an email with all details submitted by the guest.

3- Once the sponsor chooses the account expiration time and approves the request, the "Log In" button will change to a blue color, and you can now click login and access INTERNET services. The credentials will be sent as well to you by email.


Remark: In case you have left the tab, and you received an email that your request is approved, go to WiFi and press on "AUB Guest" again. When redirected, click on Sign in (highlighted below in yellow).

Sign in with the username and password sent to you by the automated email of approval.

In case you faced any issues in connecting to AUBGuest, kindly send an email to or call 4000.

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