Guide for Autodesk Education & Student Access Registration

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Follow these steps to successfully sign up for Autodesk Education Student Access:

1. Create an Autodesk Account:

  • Visit and sign up for an Autodesk account.

2. Verify and Update Profile Information:

  • Ensure your full name matches the one on AUBSIS during the account creation.
  • To verify or update your name, click on the profile icon, then select “My profile and settings” > “Professional info.” Edit your name if necessary.

3. Access Autodesk Education & Student Access:

  • Go to or search for "Autodesk Education & Student Access."

4. Initiate Educational Access:

  • Click on the "Get Educational Access" or "Get Started" button.

5. Provide Educational Role and Date of Birth:

  • Enter the email you used to create your account and then "Continue". 

  • Enter your Educational Role as "Student" and provide your accurate Date of Birth.
  • Ensure that the name displayed below your email is your full name and not your username, if not follow step 2 carefully.


6. Add School Information:

  • Fill in your school information following the guidelines shown on the next page.
  • If something was entered incorrectly the first time, refresh the page, and re-enter the information correctly as shown below.


You may contact  with questions or issues.


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