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Multi-Factor Authentication works by sending a notification to your Microsoft Authenticator mobile app during login.

Step 1:
Enter your usual username and password.
Step 2:
Instantly, you receive a Microsoft Authenticator mobile app notification. Launch the app and press the Authenticate button.

This simple process provides two separate factors of authentication through two separate channels (your computer and your smart device).
This video is a tutorial on how to delegate access on I-Expense in order to submit reports on behalf of another user.
How to connect to AUB's VPN service on a Linux operating system
Form used by staff, faculty or RA to ask for access on Oracle with specific permissions.
How to install VMware Client and how to use vLabs file sharing
How to get an account, run jobs, monitor jobs, ssh, etc.
This is a tutorial on how to run OBIEE Funds Available Inquiry.
This is a tutorial on how to Create a Direct Pay PO
This is a tutorial on how to create Other Advance
Rules which govern the sharing of HPC resources at AUB
This is a tutorial on how to Delete and Cancel Direct Pay PO (for buyers)
(Canceling a Direct Pay PO does not cancel the requisition too).