Frequently Asked Questions about HPC


How do I get an HPC account?

Submit a request by filling out this form

A valid AUBnet ID is required prior to requesting or renewing an account. If you do not have one yet, your sponsor may request a sponsored account for you.


How do I log in to the HPC cluster? 

Refer to HPC user guide to get started


How do I run jobs on the cluster?

To run programs on the HPC the scheduler (SLURM) handles allocating resources to your program. 

This is mainly because the HPC is a shared computing environment. You can find details on using
the scheduler in the HPC user guide

How do I report a problem with a job submission?
If you are facing any technical problem with HPC please send an email to

How can I find out what software is available on the HPC?
You can find the list of installed software here

The full list can also be displayed by logging in to the cluster and executing the command "module avail" on the terminal.  
When will my job start and why is it waiting?

The scheduler uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine which job should run when, depending on factors such as what quality of service the job has requested, how long the job has been waiting, whether the project to which the user belongs is achieving its "fair share" of resources, and whether the job can "backfill" resources reserved by a larger job already scheduled to start. We encourage the users to read the usage policy available here and use the queue best suited for a particular job.

Note: Waiting 24 hours for a job to start is typical in periods of heavy load, so please plan to submit your jobs accordingly.

Can I log in from home or elsewhere?
Currently, the HPC access is restricted from on campus; however if you have requested VPN access to
AUB you can log in to the HPC cluster via ssh. 

Can I run jobs on the login nodes?
No, these jobs will be killed immediately. Make sure to submit your heavy jobs using the scheduler. 

How can I monitor my submitted jobs?
You can follow the progress of your jobs using the "squeue" command.

How do I create ssh public-private key?


How do I enable logging in with a ssh key on linux? 


How can I use jupyter as a backend on the HPC cluster?

On Linux On Windows



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