Frequently Asked Questions about Public vLabs

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What are Public vLabs?

Check this overview of the Public vLabs service

Who may use the vLabs?

Any current student with a valid AUB user name and password and whose group has been given permission to access one or more vLab.

To get started, visit and enter your AUB user name and password. Once logged in to the vLab, students can use the virtual desktop to access the fully-functional applications. First-time users should configure MFA, the phone-based two-step login. For instructions, see How to configure MFA

If you are using a phone or tablet to access vLab, you may have to download VMWare Horizon, which is free on both Google Play and Apple Store

What software are available in the vLab?

The applications available in each vLab are the the ones most commonly used by students for coursework. If a software you need is missing, please contact IT to request it; if available, it would be installed during the next scheduled maintenance.

Is there a limit on how much time I can spend in the vLab?

No. However, if you are inactive for 30 minutes, you will be automatically logged out from your session. On rare occasions, the sessions may also end during regular maintenance of the system.

Is there a limit on how many people can use the vLab at the same time?

Yes. Each vLab may host up to a certain limit of concurrent users at once, depending on which vLab you are trying to use. Once a vLab has reached the limit of concurrent users accessing the vLab, you will not be able to login and you will receive a message. Please try again later.

What devices can be used to access the vLabs?

Any laptop, computer, tablet or phone that has a web browser may access the vLab. Some devices, such as tablets and phones, require VMWare Horizon Client as well. Download and Install VMWare Horizon

How can I return to my vLab session?

By disconnecting from a session, you can return to it from any other device with a web browser within 30 minutes. Simply go to the Windows start button and under the Log Off tab, select Disconnect instead of Log Off.

What happens when I log off?
As it is the case for regular computer labs, the machine is reset every time you log off and all files permanently destroyed.
How can I copy files to and from the virtual computer?

You could use a cloud-based storage such as OneDrive or share a folder from your laptop to the virtual computer.

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