Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition (JOFOC)

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The University’s Procurement Policies require that goods and services be procured while ensuring competition, transparency and best value for money to the extent possible. Under certain circumstances, formal bidding procedures may be waived. The University policy does authorize procurements with a competitive bid waiver if a particular situation qualifies for one of the following: Sole Source, Emergency Purchase, or Standardization / Matching Existing Equipment.

A Sole Source is the one and only source existing for the required goods, regardless of the marketplace, and that possesses a unique and singularly available performance capability for the required purpose. Preference for one vendor, product or service following any market studies, quotation, acquisition, or demonstration / testing by a department shall not constitute a sole source.

An Emergency Purchase is when the goods and/or services are required to correct or prevent an emergency health, environmental, or safety hazard; special or time sensitive events; and/or emergency repair or replacement of existing equipment essential to the daily operation. (NOTE: inadequate prior planning is not a valid reason to waive competition.)

Standardization is when significant investment has been previously made in a certain product and/or the expertise to handle such product and where the requestor wishes to protect or leverage that investment

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