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Videotaping of Academic events

Manage the audiovisual operations during AUB events and activities. Act as a technical consultant to the venue owner during the event to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Ensure digital inclusion and equal access for all at AUB

Active Directory Federated services

If you are the instructor of an existing course on Moodle, you may request that your students who are currently enrolled in this course to gain access to that course on Moodle

Please fill out the form to add AUB users other than your registered students to your existing Moodle Course

Request support from AUB Admissions

Faculty can request to enroll their course with AWS to provide students with access to AWS cloud.

Antivirus Management

Used to store geographic data, make maps and analyze spatial data

Reporting services to help academic units and faculties run reports and dashboards.

it's a tool that allows AUB students to know if they met their General education requirements

Online Calendar view for supervisors to view their team members' leaves.

AUB Vehicles Access Schedules

The AUB website,, is the general public's main gate for information about the university and its community. IT handles the necessary infrastructure and customization that make the content and functionality of the website possible while the Office of Communication administers the content and the website in general.