WebEx Meeting

Webex Meetings is your alternative to travel and/or working from your offices. Webex is a collaboration tool that allows you to schedule, join and participate in live video meetings, 1:1 and team messaging, whiteboarding, screen and content sharing.  


To get set up:

  1. Sign in to AUB WebEx web portal using your AUB email and password. This allows you to schedule and run your meetings from the web portal.
    Alternatively, you may choose to do so from your computer or your smartphone or tablet. As such, please refer to the Downloads section on the portal to download the apps on your desktop or mobile devices.
  2. For best practices on working remotely:
    1. Get your setup ready: secure internet connection for your device, mute your microphone in meetings if you’re seated in a noisy area, and use a headset to reduce distractions
    2. Schedule your collaborations online: Add an option to join via Webex to all your upcoming meetings and/or sessions.
  3. Refer to the following online resources as guidelines for you as a meeting host and for your attendees:
    Get Started with Cisco Webex Meetings for Hosts
    Get Started with Cisco Webex Meetings for Attendees

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