Blended Course Design

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The purpose of this form is to guide the approval and development of Blended courses at the American University of Beirut. This form should be filled by all faculty members who are planning to redesign their course into a Blended format.

This form will be sent to the department Chair and Dean for approval



  1. Are you proficient in Moodle (are you using both resources 1. and activities)?
  2. Do you have an existing web-enhanced course?
  3. Do you have time to redesign your course into a Blended course (2-3 months)?
  4. Do you have time to hold bi-weekly follow-up sessions with ACPS Instructional Designers?
  5. Are you ready to change your teaching approach?
  6. Do you have support (GA/RA)?



  • Dean/Chair approval
  • Blended training with IT-Academic Services
  • Syllabus redesign
  • A clear plan for course redesign with the IT-Acad Instructional Designers
  • At least 70% of the course redesigned before the start of the semester
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