Services (13)

Accessibility and Inclusion

Ensure digital inclusion and equal access for all at AUB

AV Facility Design Consulting

AV Facility Design, Consulting & installation supervision

Cloud services consulting

Consulting about available options for cloud services

Data Modeling & Governance

Provide services related to Data Modeling & Governance

External Consulting

Consulting to external entities outside AUB

IT Compliance

Insure IT compliance with professional standards, policies and regulations

IT Facilities Management

Ensure IT facilities operability and integrity

IT Portfolio Management

Ensure effective visibility on IT portfolio

IT Procurement Consulting

IT Procurement is the process of buying IT equipment, software, IT solutions/services. IT provides assitance and advising services to IT procurement that involves both strategic and administrative responsibilities.

IT Purchasing and Contract Management

Support centralized and optimized IT outsourcing

IT Security Services

Provide IT security services

IT Special Projects

Deliver OCIO special projects

Blended Course Design

For faculty members who are planning to redesign their course into a Blended format.