How to Configure Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your Smart Device for VPN and VLabs


Follow the below steps to configure the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

1. Access Google Play Store using your Android device or the App Store using your Apple device and download the Microsoft Authenticator Application

2. Access the Microsoft Authenticator Application and configure it:

  1. Add Account

  2. Choose Work or school account


3. Open using Google chrome browser.

4. Login with your AD user name and password:

Login page


5. Select Mobile App and click on Generate Activation Code

*Note: Please try to configure your phone number as well.


6. Scan the barcode using the Microsoft Authenticator Application.


7. Click on Authenticate Me Now

8. You will receive a notification on your device, Approve it.

9. And fill the security questions

10. Submit

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