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a type of virtual private network that uses the Secure Socket Layer(SSL) protocol in standard web browsers to provide secure, remote-access VPN capability.

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية إرسال طلبات الفرص السنوية للبت فيها من قبل منظم الدوام.

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية إرسال طلبات تبديل دوام العمل للبت فيها من قبل منظم الدوام.

Email at AUB is part of the 'Office 365' service. The IT Team can assist you in configuring your email, backing up or restoring your mailbox, and much more.

Access Control & Security.

Used to query details related to student/staff info such as Department, id...

Genetec Security Desk is the standard AUB tool used by staff across campus to control access to doors which are secured by card readers

AUB data centers provide hosting for the institution’s servers and data.
AUB maintains two tier-3 data centers located on campus (College Hall and Van Dyck) providing AUB and AUBMC with Information technology facilities and infrastructure.
Both data centers are hot sites and equipped with dual power source, cooling, raised-floor, fire detection, fire protection (fm200), biometric access control and camera surveillance.

Room Reservation is an intranet service that allows faculty members and staff to view classroom schedules and reserve available rooms and labs.

Access to classroom software from any internet-enabled device

Webex Meetings is your alternative to travel and/or working from your offices. Webex is a collaboration tool that allows you to schedule, join and participate in live video meetings, 1:1 and team messaging, whiteboarding, screen and content sharing.

Official Learning Management System (LMS) at AUB. It is used to deliver Web-Enhanced, Blended and Online courses.

Assistance to faculty members in writing IT-related specifications and requirements in a proposal for research grants.

Request a change or modification on existing application or service

Time attendance system

سجل إلكتروني يتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تسجيل وسائل نقل الخاصة بهم

Events Support provides solutions, applications and technical assistance needed for the successful execution of the numerous events hosted at AUB and AUBMC.

Used to store geographic data, make maps and analyze spatial data

Is something broken? We'll help fix it

The question will go to the local service desk assigned to your area or to the IT manager assigned to your department

Request access to HPC or to dedicated virtual workstations for computations or simulations

Form used by the community (non-IT) to request a project