Services A-Z (301)

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Academic Event recording

Videotaping of Academic events

Academic Events AV support

Manage the audiovisual operations during AUB events and activities. Act as a technical consultant to the venue owner during the event to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Ensure digital inclusion and equal access for all at AUB

Active Directory Federation Services

Active Directory Federated services

Add Enrolled Students to Existing Course

If you are the instructor of an existing course on Moodle, you may request that your students who are currently enrolled in this course to gain access to that course on Moodle

Add User(s) to Moodle Course

Please fill out the form to add AUB users other than your registered students to your existing Moodle Course

Admissions Support Request

Request support from AUB Admissions

Amazon Web Services Educate

Faculty can request to enroll their course with AWS to provide students with access to AWS cloud.

Antivirus Protection for PCs/laptops/servers

Antivirus Management


Used to store geographic data, make maps and analyze spatial data

Argos Academic Reporting

Reporting services to help academic units and faculties run reports and dashboards.

AUB General Education Requirements

it's a tool that allows AUB students to know if they met their General education requirements

AUB Leaves Calendar

Online Calendar view for supervisors to view their team members' leaves.

AUB Vehicles Access Schedules

AUB Vehicles Access Schedules

AUB Website

The AUB website,, is the general public's main gate for information about the university and its community. IT handles the necessary infrastructure and customization that make the content and functionality of the website possible while the Office of Communication administers the content and the website in general.

AUBHealth Access Request

Access Request to AUBHealth Modules

AUBMC Application First Level Support

First Line of Support on licensed and enterprise level software packages

AUBMC Website

The AUBMC website,, is the general public's main gate for information about the American University Medical Center. IT handles the necessary infrastructure and customization to make the content and functionality possible.

AUBNet Account management

AUBNet Account Management

AUB accounts identity management

Audio Recording

Record audio.

AV Facility Design Consulting

AV Facility Design, Consulting & installation supervision


Backup data of specific servers

Backup Management

Banner - Student Information System (SIS)

Student Information System (SIS)

Banner Cashier

Accepts payments on the cashier window and online

Banner Mobile

Banner Mobile

Banner Stress Tool

Banner Stress Testing using Jmeter

Banner Workflow

Banner Workflow

Basic Personal Info for Protection Office use

Used to query details related to student/staff info such as Department, id...

Blended Course Design

For faculty members who are planning to redesign their course into a Blended format.

Book Adoption

Used each semester to inform the bookstore about expected books needed for the next semester

BOT Portal

Document sharing and collaboration portal for the BOT

Buy Printing Quota for Students

Add credits to Student PaperCut account while charging banner account automatically.


Campus IT Incident Management

Is something broken? We'll help fix it

Campus IT Question

The question will go to the local service desk assigned to your area or to the IT manager assigned to your department

Campus IT Service Request

Need IT support?

Campus Transfer Property Request

CampusPress (WordPress Websites)

Self Service Web site creation

Capital Budget (EI)

Portal used by departments to request and gain approval for purchasing required equipments (PCs, Lab equipments, others.. )


An SSO provider for AUB SIS


Manage Casar's contacts and mailing lists, and automate the preparation of conferences

Charles Hostler Sports Center(CHSC) Subscriptions

Manage CHSC subscriptions

Chart correction

Check-out Assets

Citrix Server Service

Citrix offers application virtualization allowing users to connect remotely to Citrix server to use licensed software

Classes Video recording

Videotape class lectures

Classroom & Teaching Lab Support

Provide classroom and teaching labs IT support.


Clearance system for HR and Registrar

Cloud services consulting

Consulting about available options for cloud services

College Hall Access Control Request

College Hall Access Control Request

Community Info for Protection Office use

Used by the office of protection to check basic info related to students, staff..including picture, department, ID, etc..

Computing Services

Change Employee Location.

Corporate Mobile Numbers

DB for the mobile phones that are paid by AUB

Course Design

Request a consultation to discuss your course design

Course Syllabi

Online repository to manage to populate the relevant syllabus for each course in AUBsis.

Create my Interactive Learning Module


Darwazah Innovation Contest

Darwazah Center for Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship​

Data Center Co-location and Hosting

AUB data centers provide hosting for the institution’s servers and data.
AUB maintains two tier-3 data centers located on campus (College Hall and Van Dyck) providing AUB and AUBMC with Information technology facilities and infrastructure.
Both data centers are hot sites and equipped with dual power source, cooling, raised-floor, fire detection, fire protection (fm200), biometric access control and camera surveillance.

Data Modeling & Governance

Provide services related to Data Modeling & Governance


Database Management includes storing, organizing and managing large amounts of information within a single software application that can be easily accessible by staff, faculty and students.

Deparmental shares storage

Shared folder storage for Departments - NAS

Desktop & Devices

Provide support for end users desktop and devices.

Digital Email Certificate

SSL email certificate

Digital Server Certificates

SSL server certificate

Door Access Control

Genetec Security Desk is the standard AUB tool used by staff across campus to control access to doors which are secured by card readers


ECE Final Year Project

Final Year Project application for Electrical and Computer Engineering students

ECE Graduation Requirements

System to verify that students have completed their academic requirements as per the catalogue

ECE Summer Training

Managing Summer Training for ECE Students

ECE Work Study Application

Used by ECE UG students to apply for student employment

Education Slip

View the education benefits that are received by the employees

Educational Media

Request the development of educational media

Educational Media

Educational Media is an integral part of E-learning at AUB. The IT team assists AUB faculty members in the creation of interactive lectures, learning objects and in the set up of live streamed sessions and web conferencing.


Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

E-learning for Non-Academics

Request support for developing E-learning content for non-academics

E-learning Tech-Tools Training

Request a custom session to learn how to use educational technology tools

Email / Office 365

Email at AUB is part of the 'Office 365' service. The IT Team can assist you in configuring your email, backing up or restoring your mailbox, and much more.

Emergency Incident Report


Software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references

Engineering Software

Software typically used by engineering students.

Enterprise Lab management

Lab Management Service

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration is a special system that allows the exchange of data between other incompatible systems

Estore - eCommerce solution

AUB E-commerce platform that integrates with AUB accounting.

Events AV Support

Events Support provides solutions, applications and technical assistance needed for the successful execution of the numerous events hosted at AUB and AUBMC.

Exam Support Request

Request IT assistance during the delivery of an Online Quiz/Exam

External Consulting

Consulting to external entities outside AUB

External Domain Name Server

used if websites need to be accessible from outside campus


Facilities Support Request

Report an incident or request support

Facility Reservation

Room and Equipment reservation application accessible from the website to enable users to reserve any Rooms/Equipment and take approval for that.

Faculty of Health Sciences(FHS) Waterpipe Study System (WPSS)

Waterpipe use among the young population

Faculty of Medicine(FM) Clinical Research

Clinical Research Portal at American University of Beirut

Faculty Room Reservation

Room Reservation is an intranet service that allows faculty members and staff to view classroom schedules and reserve available rooms and labs.

Fellowship and Residency Research Program FRRP

The application is used to assess Physicians in training for their research work during their residency/fellowship n the faculty of Medicine.

FHS Health Education Resource Unit (HERU) DB

Database of resources online allowing students to search title, author, and basic keywords

File Transport services "Internal"

Secure File transfer between systems

FM CRU (Clinical Research Unit) Calendar reservation

Special Calendar Reservation for FM Clinical research coordinator

FMIS - Faculty Member Information System

FMIS - Faculty Member Information System is a portal housing faculty members' profiles including general information, publications and processes such as reappointment and appraisal.

Forms Platforms Service

Self service platforms to build online and interactive forms.

Freshman Admissions

Distribution and approval of Freshman applications


Gasoline Expenses

Gasoline Expenses

General MCIT Incident

Grant Writing Support

Assistance to faculty members in writing IT-related specifications and requirements in a proposal for research grants.

Grants Submission System

Central system for grant submission and approval for Academia


Hosting Environment for SQL reporting services used by DSU and AUBMC

Hosting Environment for SQL reporting services used by DSU and AUBMC

Housing Management System

Housing Rent Management for eligible faculty and executive-level staff

HPC - High-Performance Computing

HPC - High Performance Computing at AUB aggregates computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than a typical desktop computer or workstation, hence making it possible to solve complex problems that require intensive computations.

HSON Simulation labs reservation

Special Calendar Reservation for HSON lab coordinator

Human Subject Research/IRB Submission Request


ID Center

Integrates with the ID printing software

Identity And Access Management (IAM)

IAM is used for giving appropriate permissions for accounts on different systems from one centralized system


ImageScope is software from Aperio that allows the user to view slides (Pathology slides) that have been scanned and rendered in a digital format

Infopath Submission Forms

A set of application forms used to automate paper form applications of multiple departments.

INFOR - Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management For Asset Tracking and Maintenance

Infosilem Room Scheduling

Infosilem’s reservation system allows faculty and staff to search for available space and book it, and provides room and reservation calendars.

IN-OUT ID reader

IN-OUT ID reader

Instructional Design / Program Design

Instructional Design consultancy is a service available to faculty members to assist them with the design or redesign of their Web-Enhanced, Blended or Online courses.

Instructor Course Evaluation (ICE) - Explorance

ICE survey, and Exit Survey

Internal Domain Name Server (DNS)

Internal DNS is used if websites need to be accessible from inside campus

Internal Large File Sharing

Internal Large File Sharing is available to AUB users

Intranet Document Management (SharePoint)

Document Management System

Issam Fares Hall Room Reservation

Issam Fares Hall Room Reservation

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Management and tracking.

IT Compliance

Insure IT compliance with professional standards, policies and regulations

IT Facilities Management

Ensure IT facilities operability and integrity

IT Portfolio Management

Ensure effective visibility on IT portfolio

IT Procurement Consulting

IT Procurement is the process of buying IT equipment, software, IT solutions/services. IT provides assitance and advising services to IT procurement that involves both strategic and administrative responsibilities.

IT Project Request

Form used by the community (non-IT) to request a project

IT Purchasing and Contract Management

Support centralized and optimized IT outsourcing

IT Security Project Request

IT Security Project Request

IT Security Services

Provide IT security services

IT Special Projects

Deliver OCIO special projects


Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition (JOFOC)

Bid waiver, a request for procurement without competitive bidding if Sole Source, Emergency Purchase, or Standardization / Matching Existing Equipment


LAN - Local Network

The IT team assists users with the activation and installation of ports/sockets in offices or clinics and modifying firewall rules for internet access.

Landscape Plants

Allow the landscape architects to find the right plants to design gardens

Laserfiche - Document Management System

Content & Document Management System

Library Digital Platforms

Manage, publish and provide access to digital content

Lime Survey

AUB official Survey Management tool

Live Streaming

Upload videos to the official AUB YouTube channel only

Local Administrative Privilege

This service allows a user to request local administrative privilege on his computer.


Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are typically used to communicate by email with a predefined large group of AUB users. IT is responsible for creating new mailing lists and changing the settings of existing ones.

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering (MSFEA) Course Outcomes

Application used for ABET accreditation of MSFEA

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering (MSFEA) Student Information System SIS

Academic Reporting Tool


Easiest and most productive software environment for engineers and scientists. Available to all AUB students and faculty, with 50 toolboxes

MC App License Request

MC BCA/Downtime

MC CCCL Data request

MC Data/Report Request

MC Desktop Applications Installation

Installation of approved and licensed software or standard images for laptop and desktop

MC Facility Change Request

MC Guarantor Request

MC Hardware Break/Fix Support

Troubleshooting and diagnosis of laptop and desktop issues associated with hardware devices / failures.

MC Information Security

MC IT Application Access Request

MC IT Change Request

Change Management Process at the production environment in the Medical Center

MC IT Training Request

Used to raise Training Requests from the community to all Medical Center Applications

MC Network Printer Support

Installation, setup and or troubleshooting of network printers:

MC New hardware request

MC Patient Room Service

MC Risk and Compliance

MC Security Remediation

Service related to security threats / vulnerabilities (e.g. virus, worm infection, malware).

MC ServiceDesk Survey

Medical Research Volunteer Program (MRVP)

Medical Research Volunteer Program

Medical Student Records

Allow AUB students to submit their medical record online through website

Meetings & Conference Rooms

Ensuring technology facilitates meetings, whether attendees are in the room or across the globe

Microsoft Azure for students

Students can register and use cloud services as part of Microsoft students’ program with free credits

Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile app that can be used for booking appointments online based on offered services.

Microsoft System Centers

Systems to Manage all PCs software updates and virtual servers administration across campus and MC via Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager(SCCM), Windows Server Update Services(WSUS), System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

Microsoft Windows Active Directory

Active Directory Management

Miscellaneous Academic Forms

A number of legacy web forms which support miscellaneous administrative and academic processes

Miscellaneous Websites

General websites developed for different events and projects.

Mobile Approvals for EBS

Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite lets you respond on-the-go to your pending approval requests.

Mobile Student Consent

Online submission form for mobile consent

Moodle - ProGreen

ProGreen - Learning Management System

Moodle Support Request

Official Learning Management System (LMS) at AUB. It is used to deliver Web-Enhanced, Blended and Online courses.

MSFEA Events Support Request

Have you ever hosted an event in the lecture hall and ended up with no microphone? Have you ever missed an event because you didn’t know it was happening? Have you wished someone documented the event to share with others - years later? We’ve set up this form to help streamline event support at MSFEA. This form is a one-stop-shop for all your event facilities, audiovisual, and communications support. It’s still in beta version, so if you have any feedback along the way, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Fill this form for all events happening at MSFEA at least 10-14 days prior to the event. Information will be sent to facilities, audiovisual, and communications.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi Factor authentication is used for securing accounts by adding an access approval layer on mobile phone

My Account

Change Password, Create Account, Login to websites

My AR(Account Receivables)

Archival for MyAR


Nature Conservation Center(NCC) Plants

Plants sorted by specie

Network Peripherals Support

Supporting the installation and configuration of various devices that require a connection to the AUB network

New Report Request

This form is used to request a new report from Advancement IT or Records Teams

New Sponsored Account

Requesting a new a sponsored account

Non-Academic / Non-AUB events support

AV support for Non-Academic events

Non-Academic events recording

Videotaping of non-academic events

Notifier (AUBMC)

AUBMC emergency communication portal


Office of protection - Employees' blood types

Office of protection - Employees' blood types


OneDrive for Business is part of the Office 365 suite and is AUB’s enterprise platform for storage that provides reliable and recoverable 1TB of storage that is securely accessible from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

Online Academic Pages

Miscellaneous pages for Academic Services

Online Career Services (OCS)

Online Career Services is an online portal that connects employers interested in hiring AUB graduates with candidates interested in work opportunities.

Online Graduate Admissions (OGA)

Online Portal for students to apply to AUB's graduate programs (Masters and PhD), and for Acadamic staff to submit their approval decisions on these applications.

Online Proctoring Tool - Respondus

Respondus is an online proctoring exam tool integrated with Moodle.

Online Program Request

Online Program Request

Oracle EBS User Access Request

Web application used by staff, faculty or RA to ask for access on Oracle with specific permissions.

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

Oracle E-Business Suite is an integrated set of business applications for automating enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) processes within organizations.

Oracle HR Self Service

The Oracle HR Self Service Module allows you to view and update your HR personal information, submit and track your HR requests, and view your Pay slip and Generate reports

Oracle OBIEE

Oracle Enterprise Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) for Oracle EBS

Orientation and Training

New faculty and new student orientations are two events in which IT plays an active role by disseminating the IT knowledge and tools needed to make teaching and learning at AUB more engaging.

OSB Academic Recruitment Application

Portal for submission and tracking of academic recruitment applications.


Parking Subscriptions Management System

Parking Subscription Renewal Management


Monitor the car activity at the parking gates

Password Reset

Access Control & Security.

Payment Portal - Online Payment Gateway

Allowing online payments for specific services for students instead of paying at cashier.

Personal storage (Home folder)

Personal storage for faculty, staff, and students

Photo Upload

Photo Upload for the ID center

Print Server

Connect your PC/Laptop to AUB network Printer(s) easily


Printing is a service that ensures AUB students, staff and faculty members have access to shared printers in a secure, convenient, reliable and economic manner.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud Service provides an infrastructure for your applications or projects with a high level of flexibility, security, reliability and proximity.

Procurement and Contracts Administration Forms

Online submissions of supplier and vendor registrations, and complaints

ProGreen Admissions

Online Portal for students to apply to ProGreen diploma, shared between AUB, LAU and AUC. It also provides an interface for staff to submit their approval decisions on applications.

Protection - Marquand House / College Hall 5th Floor

Protection - Marquand House / College Hall 5th Floor

Public lectures recording

Videotape public lectures

Public URL’s

Request a URL under the AUB domain

Public vLabs

Access to classroom software from any internet-enabled device


Qlikview Dashboards

Data discovery and analytics application



REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. It is mostly used by health and medicine users working on research group case studies.

Renewal of Sponsored Account

Renewing your existing sponsored account.

Report an MC Application Issue

Report MC IT Problem




Reports turn data into meaningful and relevant information to support informed decision-making.

Request a New Moodle Course

Requesting a Moodle course means asking the Moodle System Administrator to reserve a space for your course on the Moodle server

Request MC IT Service

Research Application Portal(RAP)

Research Assistant Applications

Research Computing

Request access to HPC or to dedicated virtual workstations for computations or simulations

Research Consulting

Help design and implement software or infrastructure for research projects or experimental activities

Research Grants Review System

A unified system for the review of research grants

Research Labs and vLabs Support

IT support for researchers, on virtual or physical machines, remotely or in-person, to ensure the smooth progress of research activities

Residents Information System

Resident Information and various academic functionality


Safety Shoes Satisfaction Questionnaire

Safety Shoes Satisfaction Questionnaire

Salesforce - OSB Student Recruitment Cycle

CRM system used to automate and manage communications with prospective students and other members involved in the student recruitment cycle.

Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN)

a type of virtual private network that uses the Secure Socket Layer(SSL) protocol in standard web browsers to provide secure, remote-access VPN capability.

Self Service Password Reset

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) allows you to reset your password without contacting the IT Service Desk

Service Health Monitoring

Monitoring health of servers/services


Web-based Single Sign-on (SSO) system

Site2Site Virtual Private Network (VPN)

a type of VPN connection that is created between two separate locations

Software license Management


SPSS is a popular statistical packages which can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis with simple instructions. Available in most labs or upon request.

Standing Committees Voting System

A platform for faculty elections.

Student Faculty Transfers

Automation of Inter-faculty student transfer application

Student Family tree form

Online form for the students to enter their family data.

Student Online Petitions

Students Online Petition system

Student Self Service Applications

Self service applications for facilitate students life at AUB

Summer Program for AUB Alumni Children SPAAC

SPAAC: Summer Program for AUB Alumni Children

Surplus/Scrap Sale Process

Surplus/Scrap Sale Process

Surplus/Transfer Request


Teaching and Learning with Technology

Use this form to request assistance for Academic IT.

Teaching vLabs

Virtual labs for teaching activities

Telephony System

IP telephony, analog phones, beepers, telecomm systems on campus and MC.

The Common App

Common college admission application used by many universities

Time Report

Foxweb Blue Screen attendance management application used in addition to Wintime Web in order to adjust and submit the attendance (Absence/vacations/Transportation and overtime to other department) of academic and non-academic employees to Payroll.

Transportation Requisition

Transportation Requisition

Travel Insurance

Submit travel request documents and gain approval from the Procurement And Contracts Administration.

Tuition Calculator

Calculate tuition fees

Turnitin - Anti-plagiarism

Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention system integrated with Moodle


University Exit Survey

A new university exit survey was implemented on Blue Enterprise Systems and integrated within Clearance system.

USD Bank accounts for Employees

USD Bank accounts for Employees


Video Editing & Media conversion

Audio & video conversion requests

Video Surveillance Complaint / Feedback

Complaints to the Office of Protection about surveillance cameras

Video Surveillance Installation

As per the Video Surveillance Policy, all requests for the installation of video surveillance cameras must be submitted using this form to the Chief of Protection and the Video Surveillance System Committee

Virtualized Hosting (Hyper-V)

Provide AUB community with virtulized server infrastructure to host institutional services

Virtualized Hosting (VMWare)

Provides AUB community with virtualized server infrastructure to host institutional services

Visiting Residents Information System

Medical Students (non-aub ) to apply to take electives within AUB Hospital

Visiting Students System

Medical Students (non-aub ) to apply to take electives within AUB Hospital

Visitor Access to AUB Campus

Facilitating the visitor's physical access to the campus, by foot or by car


Web Transcript Request

Request Certificates and Transcripts

WebEx Meeting

Webex Meetings is your alternative to travel and/or working from your offices. Webex is a collaboration tool that allows you to schedule, join and participate in live video meetings, 1:1 and team messaging, whiteboarding, screen and content sharing.


Time attendance system

Wireless Network

wireless computer network that links two or more devices using wireless communication to form a local area network (LAN) within a limited area such as AUB campus, Medcial Center, etc..


YouTube uploading

Upload video to AUB Official YouTube channel


إستمارة تبيان رضا الموظف عن أحذية السلامة

إستمارة تبيان رضا الموظف عن أحذية السلامة

إفادات مختلفة (سرقة، تلف،...)

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تنظيم و إرسال إفادات مختلفة (سرقة، تلف،...)

إفادة عن إستعمال مفتاح (Master Key,...)

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تنظيم و إرسال إفادة عن إستعمال مفتاح (Master Key,...)

إفادة عن الحصول على اللقاح المضاد لفيروس كورونا

إفادة عن الحصول على اللقاح المضاد لفيروس كورونا

إفادة عن الحصول على اللقاح المضاد لفيروس كورونا

إفادة عن الحصول على اللقاح المضاد لفيروس كورونا

إفادة عن إنذار حريق

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تنظيم و إرسال إفادة عن إنذار حريق.

إفادة عن ضبط مخالفة

نظام المحاسبة على المخالفات في مكتب الحماية

إفادة عن مباني/مكاتب مفتوحة/مضاءة

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تنظيم و إرسال إفادة عن مباني/مكاتب مفتوحة/مضاءة

إفادة عن متابعة حالة مرضية (مريض أعصاب،,,,)

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تنظيم و إرسال إفادة عن متابعة حالة مرضية (مريض أعصاب،,,,).

إفادة عن نقل حالة مرضية / إسعاف

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تنظيم و إرسال إفادة عن نقل حالة مرضية / إسعاف.


نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تقديم إقتراحاتهم


تصريح لزيارة الدوائر الإستشفائية خلال ساعات عمل الموظف(ة)

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تنظيم و إرسال تصاريح لزيارة الدوائر الإستشفائية خلال ساعات العمل


جدول الإقامة اليومية في مبنى سكن الطالبات الخارجي

جدول الإقامة اليومية في مبنى سكن الطالبات الخارجي


سجل إحصاء دخول الطلاب بعد الساعة 12 ليلاً إلى حرم الجامعة

سجل إحصاء دخول الطلاب بعد الساعة 12 ليلاً إلى حرم الجامعة

سجل إستلام و تسليم أجهزة الإتصال

سجل إستلام و تسليم أجهزة الإتصال

سجل أسماء زوار مبنى الطالبات الخارجي إعتباراً من الساعة السابعة صباحاً و لغاية الساعة الثانية عشر ليلاً

سجل إلكتروني يتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تسجيل أسماء زوار مبنى الطالبات الخارجي إعتباراً من الساعة السابعة صباحاً و لغاية الساعة الثانية عشر ليلاً

سجل دخول الزوار إلى طوابق المركز الطبي

سجل دخول الزوار إلى طوابق المركز الطبي

سجل دخول السيارات التي لا تحمل ملصق إلى حرم الجامعة

سجل إلكتروني يتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تسجيل حركة دخول السيارات إلى حرم الجامعة

سجل دخول السيارات الغير مشتركة في المواقف إلى منطقة السكن عبر مدخل البحر

سجل دخول السيارات الغير مشتركة في المواقف إلى منطقة السكن عبر مدخل البحر

سجل دخول المشاة إلى حرم الجامعة

سجل إلكتروني يتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تسجيل حركة دخول المشاة إلى حرم الجامعة.

سجل دخول الموظفين إلى مبنى سكن الطالبات الخارجي

سجل دخول الموظفين إلى مبنى سكن الطالبات الخارجي

سجل صور الموظفين

سجل إلكتروني يتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية إلرسال الصور الشمسية الخاصة بهم.

سجل مقاسات الأحذية

سجل إلكتروني يتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تسجيل مقاسات الأحذية الخاصة بهم.

سجل مقاسات الجاكيتات

سجل إلكتروني يتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تسجيل مقاسات الجاكيتات الخاصة بهم.

سجل وسائل نقل الموظفين

سجل إلكتروني يتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية تسجيل وسائل نقل الخاصة بهم


طلب الحصول على لقاح الإنفلونزا

طلب الحصول على لقاح الإنفلونزا

طلب فرصة سنوية

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي مكتب الحماية إرسال طلبات الفرص السنوية للبت فيها من قبل منظم الدوام.

طلبات تسهيل المرور

طلبات تسهيل المرور


مصادرة بطاقات منتهية الصلاحية

نافذة إلكترونية تتيح لموظفي الحماية تسجيل البطاقات المنتهية الصلاحية التي تمت مصادرتها